Where I have been and where I am Headed

I  started out in Green Cove Springs, near Jacksonville, Florida in the USA headed north and these are the places that I stopped at on the way;

Jacksonville, FL
Fernandina  Beach, FL
Sapelo Sound, GA
Savannah, GA
Charleston, SC
Wrightsville Beach, SC
Morehead City, Beaufort, NC
New Bern, NC
Oriental, NC
Belhaven, NC
Elizabeth City, NC
Portsmouth, Norfolk, VA
Mobjack Bay, VA
Horn Harbor, VA

Where I am headed is anyone's guess and when I get asked that question, which is quite a lot, I usually say my next port of call which is entirely possible. I do have a rough idea of where I am headed but I am always reluctant to give voice to it because I don't want to feel I have to go there because I said I would. For instance, people ask me a lot if I am going to sail to NZ, but that would be a huge undertaking and I am nowhere near even thinking about that far ahead. Right now I am out of the hurricane belt and where the weather is a little cooler and in October, I will follow the sun.


  1. Hi Peter,
    I see all is going well. We had an easy sail to ST Croix and promptly got the loan of an empty mooring right off the boardwalk. My brother and I had an easy flight back to Virginia and the first thing I did on the following Monday was to get a root canal job on my tooth that went bad. It was under a crown I got about 10 years ago. I'm back at work and my weekends have already filled up with holiday parties. It is much colder up here but we're supposed to get a warm spot in the 60' & 70's for the next couple of days.

  2. Hello Peter;
    I don't know if you'll receive this, but we've been following your adventure and wish you the best and fair weather. Good luck...maybe see you in Stuart or St. George!!

  3. Peter; just thought we'd check on your whereabouts. Hope all is well.