Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mega Yacht Sunchaser

A beautiful 142 foot yacht came in beside me yesterday named Sunchaser out of George Town in the Cayman Islands. My 50 foot mast reaches her same height as you can see in the next photo.
It was built in 2007 by Richmond Yachts in Canada and everything about the boat is exquisite. Even it's dual anchors look like they were designed by architects.
It's water filtration system, makes mine look like a toy.
Nice touches, like a purpose made mat really makes the boat really stand out.
 It has it's own tender, almost as long as my boat, registered in tax free Delaware.
Lighting makes the boat look fabulous at night.
Now for some comparisons with Onapua. We both use diesel for mechanical propulsion but whereas Onapua has one 38 hp engine, Sunchaser  has 2 for 3,942 hp. That's right, 100 times as much. Maximum hull speed for Onapua is 7 knots with range of 600 miles, and Sunchaser has 19 knots and 3000 mile range. I can sail a lot further of course. Fuel capacity for Onapua is 70 gallons and 11,300 for Sunchaser. You do the sums. Water is 80 gallons for mine and 1,700 for Sunchaser. Interesting......

Bill and Linda own the boat and they like their privacy as you may well understand. Restaurant patrons were constantly coming by to take a look and some of them were a little on the obnoxious side. I get a lot of visitors to my boat but nothing like what Sunchaser was getting. Their 7 international crew members are not allowed to talk about the boat or it's owners. The internet however has it all. Bill has a net worth of over 100 million and was a very active bidder in the auctions held by the Resolution Trust Company (RTC) after the failure of the savings and loan industry. Sunchase Holdings is an investor and real estate developer, specializing in distressed real estate projects. SunChase was one of the most successful bidders of RTC assets, winning portfolios worth book values in excess of $2 billion dollars. When he is not cruising, Bill dedicates significant time to charitable and non-profit causes and has served on the boards of numerous entities such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix and the ASU Business School Advisory Board. Bill and his wife Linda are active members in their community and have led numerous charitable events and organizations.

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