Friday, August 18, 2017

Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Delightful little town and as you can see, it was raining and was all afternoon. That was one of the reasons I stopped. Here is another.
My raw water strainer was clogged with weed and my exhaust was belching steam just east of here in Pigeon Lake. I stopped as soon as I saw it and drifted while I took it apart and cleaned it. They say that bad luck comes in three's and the other misfortune I had was that the nuts and bolts holding my drive shaft onto my transmission came apart. Now if you recall, the same thing happened back 6 months ago when I was in Dominica. This time I managed to find some lock nuts at the local hardware store so hopefully it shouldn't happen again.
I actually need to replace my engine mounts again because they are all rusted and I am sure that doesn't help my prop shaft alignment.

 I have been taking lots of photos of the Beautiful "Kawartha's" and I put it into a video for you.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Burleigh Falls, Ontario

Pretty nice rapids this morning with the mist rising and the sunrise.
I have now done 27 locks on the Trent Severn Waterway and I have 18 to go. Yesterday I went through the Peterborough Lift Lock which at 65 feet is the largest in the world. It consists of 2 tubs, one up and one down and when one goes up the other comes down. It is easier to understand if you see the video.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Campbellford, Ontario Canada

Another delightful town and this one's claim to fame?
I had been told by several people that this bakery is the best and that there is a line out the door at 7am when they open! Well there wasn't a line at 7am but there was a steady stream of customers and considering nothing gets going around here until 9am, that's pretty good. And their cranberry cinnamon rolls we're to die for.

So I am very impressed with the Trent Severn Waterway. The locks are a lot cleaner than the Erie Canal and there are at least 3 staff on duty at them compared to just 1 on the Erie. I did a video of my transit through Lock 8.
Hopefully it will make up for the terrible one I did on the Erie Canal.

I am off again today along the TSW with 12 locks already under my belt.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Trenton, Ontario, Canada

I got as far as the start of the Trent Severn Waterway yesterday and had a fantastic day on the water with clear blue skies and puffy clouds. Take a look at  what I saw.

And while wondering around town, i came across an old car display.
Today I am starting to transit the first of 44 locks on the TSW (Trent Severn Waterway.) Should take me a week to get to The other side at Midland on the Georgian Bay.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Today I am going to move further up the channel towards Trenton and hope to get as far as Sandy Cove. I had a delightfully easy day yesterday in Prinyer's Cove, mainly reading and doing boat chores waiting for the wind to lessen.

Ok so this is why I like Canada.
Tim Hortons, a coffee chain that sells awesome coffee was founded 53 years ago by hockey legend Tim Horton.
The exchange rate is 1.27 US$ so that means that stuff here is cheaper. Plus they use dollar coins which I like and their money is colored with Queen Elizabeth on their $20 bill. Cute!
No Frills supermarket is seriously bare bones. The only credit card you can use is MasterCard otherwise it is cash only. They have cardboard boxes at the exit that you can put your groceries in with NO plastic bags!
Neat public art for it's enjoyment.

Finally, Canadians are nice. They are more likely to apologize to you if you bump into them even if it wasn't their fault. I had a motorist wave me across a pedestrian crossing even though he had a green light.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Prinyer's Cove, Ontario, Canada

Video of my voyage from Oswego to Gananoque through the 1000 Islands.
Yesterday, the weather forecast was not good for this weekend so I ended up Motoring a good 6 hours to a well protected bay at the start of the bay that connects to the Trent River. Today we have WSW at 16 knots.
The Canadian mounted police stopped me on the way and searched my boat.
They have a shipyard program where they have an American USCG official on board. I can't say enough nice things about these guys. All four of them were superb. It was like a night and day experience compared to the terrible Islamorada experience I had with officials down in Florida a couple of years ago.
I happened to pass by the Cork Sailing Regatta off Kingston which included the Laser and Optimist Sailing Championship.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Gananoque, Ontario

A voyage to Canada yesterday took me nearly 4 hours through some breathtaking scenery in the 1000 islands area.
Lake Ontario is very high at the moment and a lot of waterfront properties are under water like this one.
I was able to check in just over the phone with Canadian customs and border patrol when I arrived at the municipal marina.
There was a market going on down town with lots of maple syrup and blueberries being sold.
And a Joni Mitchell lookalike singing in the bandstand on a gorgeous Thursday evening.

Today I am off to a place called Braky Bay not too far west of here. My plan is to hang out in the area for a few days before beginning the Trent-Severn Canal.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cape Vincent, New York

Another delightful little town. It has everything you need, coffee shop, market, library,  Restaurant and even this.
It has a lovely park in the center of town.
But no wi-fi or cell coverage so I had to walk a mile out of town to get it. Sunrise this morning was pretty good and so was last night's sunset.
From what the locals tell me, this place has the "lake effect" in that they get a lot of snow. Oswego, where I just left from, got 17 feet of snow dumped on them last year. The population dwindles during the winter when 2 out of 3 residents head to Florida.
My voyage yesterday was very rough with a swell directly on my beam but it settled down as I got near the St Lawrence River. Today I am heading to Gananoque in Canada through some of the 1000 islands so it should be very picturesque.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Crossing Lake Ontario today

I arrived in Oswego and I had to do a double take.
Right next to me on the wall was another Westsail 32 just the same as mine and Doug is also single handing going to Wisconsin. Small world!
Oswego is a pretty little town with a beautiful park downtown called Washington Square.
They had a huge sports store here that I had never heard of that I really enjoyed looking through.
I am heading NE across Lake Ontario today and depending on the weather will either be going to Sackets Harbor or up the St Lawrence River to Cape Vincent. Open water traveling takes on a whole new meaning when you don't have a mast.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Oswego Canal

Well I provisioned the boat here in Phoenix, did my laundry, topped up my tanks and I am headed up the Oswego Canal to Oswego today where I plan to overnight and continue NE Wednesday across Lake Ontario.
Here is another video of the sights on the Erie Canal.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Phoenix, New York

Today I have decided to take a day off from my travels and I am on the waterfront downtown at a veritable oasis. I have free dockage, water, showers, electricity, coffee and bagels in the morning and Brat boys to run errands for me. One of them just brought me lunch.
A salad inside a freshly backed bread bowl. Delicious!
The tricycle in front of my boat is for my use so I have been using it to get diesel from the gas station to top up my tanks and later get some fruit and vegetables to provision before heading across Lake Ontario Wednesday. I am also changing the oil and filter in my Yanmar engine while I am doing this blog. There is supposed to be a concert in the park here tonight not 20 yards from the boat so that should be an added bonus. Brat boys (and girls) is a summer program that locals have set up to service the boaters on the canal. It is a stepping stone for youth America. As well, the park adjacent to my boat has locals that come by  to chat. This morning we watched 2 baby bald eagles and their mother on the other side of the river. How can you beat this cruising lifestyle?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Herkimer, New York

What a delightful little town that has everything that you would ever need.
It has a Walmart, Tractor Supply, and just about any business you can think of, alongside some local ones.
And more serious looking churches with spires that I have ever seen in one place. There were three at Four Corners alone.
On the other corner was an old historical Jail.
So I took a walk around Herkimer while the weather was making up it's mind what to do and when it cleared up I moved onto lock 21 and I am waiting here overnight.
As you can see, I am the only boat here and I have seen very few other boats all day and certainly no other cruisers. From what I understand, the other Loopers, (that's what people are called who are doing the great loop) were all here a month ago. I went to the Walmart to buy a sleeping bag because it has already started to get chilly. Last night it got down to 53 degrees....... that's fahrenheit...12 Celsius, is cold in my book.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Five million gallons

You are looking at lock 17 on the Erie Canal that displaced 5,000,000 gallons when my Westsail 32 was raised 40 feet. And this is just one of 22 locks before I get to Oneida Lake on this part of the Erie Canal.

I did shoot a bunch of stills on the Hudson River and Erie Canal with my camera and put them together into a movie.

Today I am going to sit tight here in Mohawk/ Herkimer and wait for some Stormy weather to pass.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Fultonville, New York

Where? Ok I stopped overnight on the Erie Canal between locks 12 and 13 at a place that has one of those T/A truck stops. I have always wanted to try having a shower at one of these places and I was pleasantly surprised. Very clean and soft fluffy towels. Nice. I went there to buy some oil so I could change the oil on my Yanmar engine and while I was there, I had soup and salad from their salad bar. Not too bad!
I managed to put together a video of sorts to show you how I transit a lock. Apologies for the quality. As you can imagine, it is hard enough trying to control the boat let alone trying to record a decent video.
This morning I was slow getting started. The fog here is quite bad so I am in no hurry. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be stormy so I need to find a pleasant spot to stay tonight.