Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Projected Refit Costs

I decided to nut out some figures of what this little venture is going to cost me and holy smokes! Now I know why they say that a boat will cost you everything. As an example, here is one of the through hulls from the cockpit scupper. Somehow I have to free up the sea cock because it is frozen, replace the hose and put 2 stainless steel bands on to secure it.
Anyway here goes. In all likelihood, costs will double my from projected ones, but I will try and stick to them if at all possible. The big costs may be ones that I haven't even thought about.

Electrical $5000
New Rigging $5000
*Liferaft $2500
Monitor WindVane $2500
Plumbing $2000
SSB $2000
Repairs to Gelcoat, caprail and Rudder $2000
*Outboard Motor $2000
Anchor Chain $1000
*Satellite Phone $1000
Self Tailing Winches $1000
New Rub Rail $1000
Yard fees for Storage and Crane $1000
*Charts $1000
*Honda Portable Generator $1000
Computer $1000
Led Lighting $1000
Drifter Sail $1000
*Spare Auto Pilot $1000
*Para Anchor $1000
AIS $500
EPIRB $500
Total $36,000

* those items that can be purchased later

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