Sunday, July 28, 2013

preparing to visit

Next week I am heading down to the boat to spend another week working on her. Even though I haven't been down there since May, I have not been idle. Besides collecting stuff I have finally got her documented after 4 months with the 7% Florida sales tax paid.
I have also been studying for my Ham exams in preparation for communicating on SSB High frequency radio for voice and email. I have passed my Technicians license and am at present studying for the very tough General class. My call sign is KK4RWL
I ordered an anchor light and tricolor from Bebi Electronics in Fiji and converted my Guest Masthead light over which also has a strobe light.
Also some special spider spray to hopefully kill all the recluse spiders on the boat.
I am hoping to replace my compass on the boat with this new one. The one on the boat doesn't work and you can't see through the glass.
Next is a marine outdoor speaker that has an ear piercing alarm on it that I plan on mounting to the mast near the spreaders.
Next a couple of self tailing winches.
And as well, a head sail, some sheets of lexan, coax cable, some rigging parts and lots more.
I'll have my work cut out for me when I get there, but this time I am not going to bust my gut trying to accomplish everything.

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