Sunday, October 27, 2013

Meet Bud Taplin

Well I finally got to meet the grandfather of Westsail boats, Bud Taplin. He is somewhat of an icon because despite the fact that Westsails have been out of production for 30 odd years, you can still buy any parts for them through Bud and his website.
He is in his 80's and is spry as all get out. He was a supervisor at the original factory that built the boats and when it closed down he carried the spare parts business on. I met him at the Florida Westsail Rendezvous here in Cocoa and got to meet 30 other westsail owners, and viewed 7 other boats. I even went for a sail on this BEAUTIFUL boat named Rhapsody.
It was so clean, polished and better than 40 years ago when it left the factory. Thanks Werner!
One of the highlights of the weekend was a slide show by Jim And Jeanne Kenaston on their Westsail "On Sabbatical" that they went around the world on in 1980. Gripping story and Jeanne has a crystal clear memory of the trip.

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