Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lake Worth to Delray Beach

Left Lake Worth at daybreak with a gentle easterly and partly cloudy start to the day.
Passed by an impressive wooden sailing boat,  "Peacemaker" for sale at the harbour entrance.
Got beat up by rough seas outside, so I turned tail and headed back down the ICW. Have a look at my saloon after my foray outside.
I forgot to latch the starboard berth in place. I got pretty wet yesterday, but today the weather looked good so I didn't wear my wet weather gear. Big mistake. I got drenched through and through and ended up getting cold as well. I gave up when my iPad ran out of juice and refused to charge. Right now, I have my hook down in Pelican Harbour, which is like a small lake with luxurious houses skirting the perimeter. Tomorrow I will try again to get to Miami.

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