Monday, April 20, 2015

Fox Town, Bahamas to St Augustine, USA

Took me three days to get here with an overnight stop at Daytona  Beach.
I started out heading to Stuart in Florida but the winds were too far south, and with the gulf  stream pushing me north, I would never make the Lake Worth entrance so I headed towards Jacksonville. I started out on a beautiful downhill run and used my nylon honeybee option in a wing on wing configuration.
As I left the Bahamas I stuck my fishing line overboard and was rewarded by a nice sized skipjack tuna for dinner.
My luck ran out with the wind turning northerly opposite Cape Canaveral so I had to turn the motor on and duck into the Ponce de Leon inlet to get out of the swell. I immediately got stuck on a sand bar and had to wait for the tide to turn.
Here is a photo of my solar shower at the end of the day that I use nightly to bathe when not at a marina.
As you can see, it is plenty warm enough.

Here is a video of my trip.

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