Friday, January 29, 2016

Day For loafing

Do you ever get one of those days, where you loaf all day long? Isn't it wonderful? Not that you sit around all day long doing nothing. There is actually a lot i could have done: I could have done something, like row to shore and catch a bus to Marathon, run a few miles and get some exercise, go beach combing, tour the sand and sea nature center they have here at Bahia Honda. But no I decided to have a day on the boat. It was an absolute delight with blue skies and a gentle breeze with even time for an afternoon power nap. I got lots done too. The boat needed a good clean and I still had another inch or so of crab pot line wrapped around my prop. While I was down under the boat I cleared out some seaweed out of my raw water intake. The speed log too hadn't been working for a while, so I cleared the speed wheel of barnacles and slime. I caught up on a lot of reading, did emails and cooked myself a hot lunch.
One of the daily rituals of living on a boat that takes a wee bit longer than landlubbers are used to, is having a shower. If you look under the boom, in the photo above, you will see my solar shower hanging in the sun, which works surprisingly well. It just takes a bit of effort to do and it is not exactly luxurious but hey, I'm living the dream right?

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