Monday, March 28, 2016

Freeport, Bahamas to Stuart, Florida

After almost 6 weeks in Taino Beach resort, I crossed over the gulf Stream last night with mainly South winds and flat seas. It was quite lumpy leaving Port Lucaya into the teeth of a SE breeze of just 15 knots, but once I turned towards Florida, the downhill run became a delight. I did have to turn the motor on again in the middle of the night for a short while because the Gulf Stream was pushing me too far north.
They say that red sky in the morning means bad weather but there isn't any in the forecast.
I want to do a few things here in Florida including installing an Engel fridge, replacing my head, installing full length battons in my main sail and getting a new Inreach communication device. I am toying with the idea of sailing to Bermuda and the afterwards to Maine. All weather dependent of course.

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