Thursday, March 28, 2013

In The Yard

Spent the day working on the boat. When I arrived at the marina, the trailer for lifting the boat was broken down so it wasn't until 4pm that the boat was moved from storage to the work yard.
Here is her new home for a couple of weeks
Everything was soaking wet inside the boat so I took a lot of cushions outside to dry off. Fortunately it was dry and rain isn't predicted until Sunday.
 I had set up the bilge pump with an automatic float switch before I left last time. Needless to say the bilge was full of water.
Onto plan B.
One good thing is the new bowsprit looks fabulous so tomorrow hopefully it will be fitted.

Just for kicks and giggles, I filled the old lamp in the galley with lamp oil and lit it. It stinks a bit but makes the place feel warm and friendly.
Unfortunately the crane to take the mast down will not be here until next week, so I will have to go ahead and replace the bowsprit with the mast up.
Dinner tonight is a can of sweet potatoes, a can of peas, a bag of carrots, a handful of almonds and a bottle of green tea. I have yet to hook up the stove.

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