Friday, November 6, 2015

Arrived in Cape Canaveral for the westsail rendezvous

Some lessons learned on my week long sail from North Carolina. 
1. Always clip on when going on the bowsprit.
2. Always sit down when eating on a boat.
3. The gulf stream is closer than you think and getting caught in it can slow you down a lot.
4. When cruising,  count on motoring a lot more than you anticipate. 
5. If you haven't been on your boat for a while and you go sailing in rough weather, you will get seasick.
6. Lip balm, sunglasses and sun tan lotion is a must.
7. Always use the head on a boat, don't try the over the side thing.
8. When the boat is moving so much, it is very hard to do anything except sit and be amazed by mother nature. 

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