Sunday, April 17, 2016

Yellow Diesel 5 Gallon Jug Project

For my planned trip to Bermuda at this time of year, there may be many days where there is little or no wind. Of course I would prefer to choose a weather window where I can sail all the time, but if I have to choose between the possibility of storms or motoring in calm conditions, I would prefer to use the engine. I have got 2 diesel tanks for a total of 70 gallons which gets me quite a way, in fact over half the 880 nautical miles in calm weather. What a lot of sailors do is store extra diesel on deck and it makes the boat look ugly.
I had bought these jugs before and stored them on deck and found that they started cracking in the sun so I used snaps to make covers.
I also went to the trouble of recessed bolts in the red oak so it would not dig into the plastic. I now have 100 gallons on board and with these jugs I can easily transport them in the dinghy and refill them at a gas station in places where there is no fuel dock.
Right now the weather looks good for me leaving for Bermuda on Wednesday. You can track my voyage at
on the internet.

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