Friday, August 26, 2016

In storage

My friends Walt and Mary have a Westsail 32 just like mine named Orion one boat over from mine here at Reedville.
They are thinking of selling their boat and buying a trawler because of health challenges.
I was out on a blistering hot summer day working on the boat.
The temperature here is so much more uncomfortable compared to New England. Actually, painting the boot stripe on the boat wasn't half as bad as working inside the engine compartment of the boat because at least there was a little breeze cooling me off. I had to add flax to my stuffing box and I know that it sounds complicated, but it is simple enough to get done. The propeller turns on a shaft from the motor inside the boat using a gasket keeping the water out called a stuffing box.
The stuffing box uses a flax material to allow some water to seep through to keep the shaft cool.
I also let off 3 insect bombs inside the boat because I have noticed some cockroaches appearing over the last couple of months.
I plan on splashing the boat in the middle of October and heading south.

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