Thursday, May 4, 2017

Having a pet onboard

A lot of cruisers have dogs and cats with them to keep them company while living aboard a boat. To me it limits your travels and is unfair to the animal and that is why I have chosen not to get a pet. With dogs, you see them every day on other boats, getting agitated especially first thing in the morning, wanting to go ashore and find the nearest bush to pee under. With cats, there is the danger of them falling overboard. I have seen some situations, where the owner has been able to make it work and overcome these problems. Putting a mat on the transom helps or if you can find that rare cat that is not too curious and will happily stay aboard then ok. Where there is a will, there's a way. A neighbor boat has asked me to look after their herbs while they are away.
It is actually fun! I have to keep it out of the wind, water it with a quart every morning and give it lots of sun. I think I have already messed up though because some of the leaves on the basil are turning brown. Who knows, this may be the start of something.

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