Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Opua day 12

Seven boats left yesterday and about a dozen left today, a few of them in a nasty squall that came in about lunchtime.
Friends next to us on Victory left later in the day because they had 3 children to organize. Interesting in that the kids used to get seasick until they started wearing wristbands with plastic buttons at the acupuncture points. Not sure if it was psychological or not but it did the trick. For myself, we will be leaving here tomorrow morning in quite light conditions so I don't think I will need anything. I do have some crystallized ginger just in case but I don't usually need anything. It's more the case that I lose my appetite and can't sleep for the first couple of days on a long voyage. I did get some scopaline patches that go behind your ear just in case but you have to put them on 24 hours before you leave. After a couple of days of sailing all will be well.

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