Saturday, July 16, 2016

Anchoring in Boston harbor

What is a photo of me in front of the Empire State Building got to do with anchoring in Boston you say? OK I will get to that. Several months ago my sister from NZ wanted to come and visit me in the USA so i had to find a good place that would be convenient and I chose Boston. The problem with Boston is that it is very expensive here. It is a university/medical town that is full of young, up and coming business people. It has a vibrant community downtown and the public transportation system is second to none with a Uber ride anywhere costing just $5. The city has a rich history, whale watching that is probably the best in the world and of course how could you forget the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Anyway what I am leading up to is to say that Boston is a must see cruising destination. Despite the cost, it is worth visiting. Yesterday we got back from a visit to NYC and DC which are so convenient to visit from here rather than staying at hotels there. I have been here in the Boston area now for over a month and these are your options if you want to come here;
1. Stay at the Constitution Marina in the heart of downtown Boston for $100 a night.
2. Anchor out on a free mooring at Spectacle Island and dinghy the long 4 miles into the Atlantic Wharf dock. There is a ferry that goes to Spectacle Island but the last one out leaves at 3pm.
3. Stay in Gloucester for $30 a night and catch the train to Boston for $20. I did this for a week and I enjoyed the town.
4. Stay in Salem. Again it's a bit of a nuisance commuting downtown but not too bad.
5. Provincetown. Ferry is $85 one way so too expensive to visit Boston.
My favorite is the marina because of the people I have met here. Most of the residents live here year round but it gets seriously cold here during the winter so they plastic wrap their boats.
Tomorrow I am heading up to Maine so hopefully I will have good winds.

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