Sunday, July 24, 2016

Doughnuts anyone?

Today I sailed 50 miles from Boothbay to Isle au Haut in Arcadia National Park. About noon I came across this in the middle of nowhere.
I said doughnut but it is an inflatable raft about 6' X 6' that is tied behind a speed boat to go tubing. I couldn't just leave it out there so I tied a line to it with the intention of towing it. Well that didn't work because it was too heavy. I jumped on it and found where it was inflated and pulled the plug.
Well that still didn't work because there was more than one tube and I couldn't find the plug for the other tube. So I punctured the other tube and managed to haul the whole thing on board.
Phew! What a lot of effort that was. Now I have to find a place to dump it.

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