Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Isle of Shoals

I sailed up to Gloucester Saturday and to the Isle of Shoals yesterday. The island is owned by the Unitarian Church and has a big Hotel that is used for weekly retreats.
As well, there is a daily ferry from Portsmouth that brings day trippers out to tour the facility.
Walking tours are given to the many historical sites.
The Stone Chapel dates back to 1800.
The Rev. John Tucke Monument commemorates a charismatic leader who died in 1773.
The solar array, which provides power to the residents, was added in 2014. There are lots of activities here including an art shop.

You can paint with watercolors or oils.

They also have a marine lab overlooking the harbor.

Here they have touch tanks with samples from the Maine area.

Of course the bird life here is a short walk away.

Momma gull did not like me getting too close to her chicks.

The sunset here was magnificent.
I will spend another day here and hopefully catch a good breeze up to Portland on Thursday.

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