Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Day 2 in the yard

I installed a new VHF antenna and GPS on the stern to go along with my new AIS transponder which you can see here.
It is the blue device sitting in between my VHF and my radio to the right. Notice that I put Ziploc bags over all my electronics to protect them from the possibility of a stray wave coming through the companionway.
I installed a new starboard navigation light on the bow.
I replaced the monitor windvane control lines because I noticed chafe on the old ones.
I added lines to my companionway washboards to keep them in place and so I don't lose them.
And finally I brought out my trysail and placed it on the spare track in a red bag at the bottom of the mast.
Now you are probably wondering why I did this because the trysail is only used in bad weather and the reason is because I intend to sail down to the British Virgin islands in the beginning of November. There are 77 other boats leaving in the Salty Dawg Rally that I hope to join. It is a 14 day voyage and with the help of my Delorme satellite Inreach, I hope to do daily updates on this website so that you can follow my progress. I will also provide a link to a map that shows my position along with all the other participants.

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