Sunday, October 30, 2016

More provisioning

I took stock of the ships stores and decided that they were still not enough for 6 months in the Caribbean so i made yet another run to the grocery store to stock up.
The Rally had organised more activities for us and again I put some pictures into a video for you to see what we have been doing here in Hampton at at a glance.
The weather forecast still looks good for departure tomorrow. The tides are actually quite strong here in the Chesapeake bay, so I have to time my departure after high tide at 10am. The plan is to sail down to Cape Hatteras, motor across the gulf stream and catch some light winds sending me south east to a point 200 miles south of Bermuda where in theory i should pick up the trade winds to take me south to the BVI. Even though it is still hurricane season, there are no tropical storms in the Atlantic at present, however, the meteorologists have given a 40% chance of storm development which is quite scary. At this time of year, the storms don't come from Africa, but develop in the Caribbean and there is a disturbance near the Turk's and Caicos at the moment that we are watching closely.

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