Wednesday, July 7, 2021

12 Volt Water Pump

 It's raining here today so I am fixing my water pump. 

Firstly, some explanation is needed. You have heard of project creep no doubt. Both landlubbers and sailors are very familiar with the term. So I am on my boat, trying to get ready to splash her and one of the first problems I run into after filling up the water tanks, is that the foot pump in the galley is not pumping water. So that means that I cannot empty the tanks to get rid of the antifreeze that I put in them to winterize them from back in the fall. So I ordered a new tiptoe whale foot pump from Defender but it is not due here for a few days. Meanwhile I decided to try and empty the water tanks with my 12 volt water pump. Well it did not work. Story of my life. I tried messing with the electrical connectors but they were all rusted and no matter how much I tried to coax the pump into life, it wouldn't budge. So I stopped by AutoZone and bought a cigarette lighter plug and then onto Harbor freight for the pump. Stay tuned.

Okay so here is the finished product. Nothing ever works out the way you plan it. The new 12 volt plug had a blown fuse so I ended up cannibalizing the old one.

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