Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Back to Onapua


Well after too long, I am back on the boat. She is in pretty good nick, with not too much water in the bilge. No bird's nest this time but lots of wasps. Found the first hive in the cockpit after dodging them for a day and found 2 more a day later. Lots of spiders too but they pale in comparison to those Huntsman spiders I had to deal with down in Florida. And this guy set up home under the keel.

In retrospect, I am glad I used those bullet proof yellow tarps from Tractor Supply although they left a yellow oily residue on anything they came in contact with. This year though I am thinking of building a PVC frame around the boat and using reinforced plastic sheeting you can get from Menards. Anyway, once I took the tarps off and used a pressure washer, she started to look halfway decent again.

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