Thursday, July 15, 2021

Winter Cover 1 of 3

Up to this year, I have balked at spending several thousand dollars on inside storage or for shrink wrap instead choosing tarpaulins to keep the snow off the boat.  This year however, I am trying a new tack, using reinforced plastic that is used in the construction industry to protect workers on scaffolding.

I got 20x50 feet for $60. 

So I had to build a frame. I used 30 PVC conduit pipes (schedule 40) that comes in 10 foot lengths for $5 each. I then attached them to a wooden strip along the bulwarks. 

BTW, the photo shows the red bottom paint that I applied last week.

You can see the attachment in better detail here.

Also I haven't shown a photo with the new topside paint, so here it is.

I am slowly getting around to making her shipshape again. I did try to start the engine today without any joy. The batteries are not cooperating. I did do a little bit of trouble shooting and found that the batteries are okay so it appears that a have a connection problem on the starboard side. My diesel looks black inside my racor filter too so that is another issue to deal with. Never a full moment when it comes to boats.

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