Friday, January 3, 2014

Caprail project

Well it was too windy for the crane today so out came plan B. I first dropped of my engine starter to get repaired, then drove over to Sailor's Exchange and traded my old Profurl furler and a couple of smaller items for these.
When I got home I realized that the Mustang pfd was not approved by the USCG so that was a big boo boo. The spreader boots turned out well though.......
And same with the under sink water filter.....
Then I got stuck into the leaks that I had discovered during all the rain we had over the past few days. I removed the genoa track first on the port side.
Then up came the caprail.
Then I cleaned up as best I could, removing all the old caulk.
Then I used up a tube of 3M 5200 caulk laying out a layer of it and finally put everything back again.
 While I was at it I also plugged up holes in the bowsprit and bob stay with the 5200. It was the end of the day so then I drove up to see a fellow Westsail owner who is outfitting his hull from scratch.
Even though it is the same boat, it felt huge inside.
Tomorrow we shall try again to step the mast.

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