Sunday, January 12, 2014

Belaying Pins

I have a 40 year old sad looking pin rail on both my port and starboard side with belaying pins that have seen better days.
New pins are available on the internet for a huge amount of dough ray me so just for kicks and giggles, I picked up some poplar, from my local Home Depot and gave it the old college try.
Never having turned wood before, as you can see it was a total disaster. So I headed up to my local woodcraft store and they were unbelievably helpful. The chap spent a good 10 minutes with me showing the proper technique needed for turning and sent me away with some African mahogany and a turning tool.
I cut each piece of wood in 3 first of all.
Of course I had to look the part!

Then I tried out turning with my new found knowledge.
Talk about easy peasy!
No problemo!

Then I set to doing the rest.
OK they don't stand the closeup look but they will do the trick. Next I have to coat them with 4 layers of epoxy and 4 layers of varnish. Isn't boating fun!

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