Saturday, January 4, 2014

Stepping the Mast and new standing rigging

Today I had my new mast stepped and new rigging fitted. Here to give me some fantastic help, were neighbors, Doug, and his wife Michelle.
And of course, Daniell, the crane operator.
We first fed the wiring through the deck.
Have you heard that the sun shines out of you know where? Well it is true and now I have proof.
When you are up there, it seems a lot higher than looking from the ground up.
That was easy now that it was over!
So now I had to cut the wire rope to the correct length.
There is a cone that slides inside the inner wire for these Norseman fittings.
Give them a shot of 3M 4200 caulk.
Here are the old and new side by side.
And finally the boat with all new standing rigging regaled in all her new LED lights.

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