Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting a Yanmar Engine 101

Today was diesel day! My 3JH2E engine has not been started in over a year so I called Davidson's Marine and Jeremy came out and spent some time working with me on my engine going over each part for me and trying to start it.
He was top notch and spent time instructing me on the various parts and functions. He recommended that I send the 3 injectors out to be serviced.
I need to change the oil and the oil filter.
Also the engine fuel filter.
I have a Racor fuel filter as well that I need to replace. And I am supposed to take out the water filter and clean it. Then he showed me how to use the lift pump to bleed any air out of my fuel lines by loosening the nut on top.
Then we checked the transmission oil which he said looked good.
He recommended changing out the impeller and also the thermostat.
He suggested buying an infra red temperature sensor and checking the temperature at the thermostat. Also I have a spare alternator belt that I should install.
At this point we tried to start the motor, but it wouldn't turn over and tracing it back with a voltmeter, we isolated the problem as the starter motor. After Jeremy had left I removed the starter and now I have to have it repaired.
That part in the front of the starter is the solenoid which Jeremy said was OK. I should add that we did turn the motor over by hand and the compression feels good.
Tomorrow is crane day and the mast goes back up!

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