Monday, March 31, 2014

Propane leak and more rigging

After my propane scare yesterday I vowed to make it my top priority today. After using the stove to make my morning cup of Joe, I prepared a spray bottle of dish washing liquid and sprayed it on all the gas connections. Right off the bat I discovered the main culprit on the regulator.
If you look closely you will see all the bubbles. I carried on looking at the solenoid next, which I had tucked away below decks and even though I could not locate any bubbles, I could smell propane. At this point I decided that a total redesign of the system was in order. I set out to move the solenoid inside the propane locker so that any leaked gas would go overboard. I made my daily shopping trip at lunchtime and picked up a new regulator from Home Depot. Here is my new setup which is a little bit tight.
You should be able to see the solenoid at the bottom of the locker in between the 2 aluminum gas tanks. And here you can see the hose and wiring entering the locker above the caprail.
Now there are no propane connections in the boat except at the stove and I checked them and they seem to be OK. I did do another drop down leak test and it doesn't leak anymore however this test is so easy to do so I will put it on my honey do list on an ongoing basis.
Next I wanted to replace the boomkin stays, one of which you can see in the next photo on the port side.
They have special fittings on either end called Norseman fittings which allow for the replacement of the rigging wire. The fittings look terrible at first sight however the rust is only skin deep and easy to take off as you  can see in the next photo with the polished one on the right.
 So here is the starboard one just about ready to go with the old turnbuckle in the center.

I say nearly ready to go because I have to get some 3M 4200 to squirt inside the fittings.
My water tanks and genoa track didn't arrive today thank goodness, otherwise I would have been itching to get started on these new projects.............Not that I haven't got a million things to do on my list already but the problem is prioritizing all the things I have to do. Like, rigging and getting the boat dry have got to be the top priority. Engine work is pretty important too but it is hard to ignore all the cosmetic stuff like caprails. They sorely need painting but it will just have to wait.  Oh and while I think of  it, I stopped by at the Yanmar dealer today and ordered new motor mounts along with an impeller and thermostat to pick up tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun!

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