Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Cushions and engine

Just one photo today of the finished cushions in the main cabin.
I know, I know, they still have got plastic over them but I will take it off when I go cruising full time. The color turned out great and makes the cabin feel warm and inviting. The remaining ones for the V-berth are supposed to be finished next week and then I am getting some outside sewing done this time in green. I did discover a Bimini in a cupboard that I promptly put up over the cockpit to keep it cool. It doesn't quite fit right so I will have to mess with it a bit.
The big news of the day was that I got my engine going. My neighbor with a similar engine was having work done on his Yanmar by  www.alsmobilemarineservice.com, so Al came over afterwards and got it going. The starter I ordered from amazon did not work very well and after fluffing around with jumper cables and dead batteries, I took the battery out of my car and finally after trying for about 10 minutes the engine started. We only ran it for about 20 seconds because I didn't have the water run to it for cooling. Now I have to change the oil, change the oil filter, change the 2 fuel filters and run new diesel. I am not sure what to do with the old fuel but I plan on emptying all of one tank into the other until I decide and  buying new diesel for the empty one. On Friday, Al will be back and we will run the engine with water hooked up and check the propeller shaft and other things. I also have 4 motor mounts ($600!) to install. Phew!

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