Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wiring and new yanmar starter

Well I am back at the boat or another 2 weeks to work on her. I am pleased that after 3 months she has remained quite dry inside. However despite all that work I did on the port caprail, there was still a slight leak under it.
NASTY!!!!! So I will have to track it down when I get a chance.
I made a mistake last year in buying a wally world 12v outlet with USB connections that ended up short circuiting and blowing a fuse.
In replacing it I decided to get a circuit breaker panel because there is not much protection in the boat's wiring. I took down a "oil discharge warning" so I will probably be jailed for life and fined a gazillion dollars.
I cut away the half inch ply backing board with a very useful jigsaw.
And mounted the panel.
As well I used these fused wires to make the hot connections.
On the battery I replaced my 30 Amp fuses and promptly blew another one while working on the next project. Grrrrrrr!
The next project was replacing the Yanmar starter.
I got stuck on one of the connections so had to run up to Home Depot. While i was there I stopped in at Target and bought some frozen veggies, a can of Northern beans, yogurt and some raspberries for my dinner. It is really late but I am determined to walk a little before I shower and head to bed.

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