Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 2 in the work yard

Got a lot of little housekeeping things done today. I arranged for a pump out here at Green Cove Springs Marina. They have a mobile pump on a trailer that pulls up beside your boat to pump it out.
I also set 4 bug traps. Even though I have seen just 3 cockroaches in the time I have had the boat, they were scary events and 3 too many. I have seen these sticky Tom Cat traps work and they are very effective so I buried 4 of them deep in the bilges where no man dares to go.
I cleaned the bilge and  filled up the water tanks.
I also arranged for a survey of the boat to be done on Thursday. Currently I carry no insurance but  want to get liability insurance just in case I run into a gin palace or 2 on my travels. BoatUS wanted a survey of the boat first, which is a good thing, in my mind. It will run $416, about the same as the yearly insurance itself. Tomorrow I plan on starting the engine, firing up the propane stove, installing covers over the house batteries, re-installing the windvane and getting started on sanding the keel.

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