Monday, January 12, 2015

Back at Green Cove Springs Marina again after a wonderful Holiday

I arrived back at the boat last night and fortunately the boat was absent any sign of water inside despite all the rain. It was rainy off and on all day and I have been running the heater to help remove that clammy feeling. Firstly I tidied up the insides and removed the shade cloth.
I ordered new bottom ablative paint, an Interlux Micron 66 that I had success with last year at keeping the barnacles at bay.
I also have to re-install my monitor wind-vane. When I was in Southport, NC,  I bent the gears on the paddle so when I drove out to California in November, I visited Scanmar in San Francisco, and they fixed it for me. Robert is holding the bent piece that was replaced.
The boomkin in the next photo is bent slightly, so that when I reinstall the windvane, I need to work out how to make it vertical.
Finally, I also have to fix my genoa port track, the front part of which which snapped back outside Savannah.
Garbanzo beans, avocado, veggies with blueberries, yogurt and Chamomile tea for dinner.

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