Thursday, January 15, 2015

Survey and bottom preparation

Awake and up at the crack of dawn for the boat survey. (OK you have to understand that crack of dawn when you are retired means 7.30 am.) Captain Steve Danzig came for 2 hours, charged me $416 and did a great job. He said and I quote.

The vessel is in Above Average condition given she is 41 years old. All systems, electrical, fuel, etc. if tested operated without hesitation. The care and maintenance of this vessel has been above the average usually seen in the industry. 

The one thing that I have to do, is replace the electrical receptacle in the head with one that is GFIC Ground Fault Interrupted. So now i should be able to get liability insurance from Boat US.

The rest of the day, I scraped the bottom with a scraper and then a drywall screen using the hose.
It is pouring with rain here in north east Florida but tomorrow is meant to be sunny so it will be perfect for painting the bottom with an ablative paint.
Saturday is splash day!

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