Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bermuda photos

Bermudaful is what they say here about the outstanding views. My boat is on the right downtown in St George.
The clear water is perfect for snorkeling.
But you don't have to get in the water because often times the green parrot fish come right up to the shore line.
Picturesque Church Bay is where you will find many of them and is a top spot for divers.
The church above the bay is snow white and typical of many here. The roofs are used for rain water collection because there are no rivers on the island.
Unlike the church , most of the houses here are painted with bright colors.
The many lighthouses that dot the skyline here are also bright white.
On the side, you can see an advertisement for the America's Cup which is being staged here next year.
Oracle have their site near the smallest drawbridge in the world, with space only for a sailboat mast.
There is a lot to do here including a visit to the Botanical gardens.
The island used to have a 30 mile railway which has been converted over into a walking trail.
There are some stunning views along the trail
Along with many old forts.
And if you want to see how the rich and famous live, you can visit exclusive Tucker Town where Ross Perot, Bloomberg and Berlusconi are neighbors. Here is the private beach below Berlusconi's house.
You need a membership to see where they live but if you don't follow the laws here they will put you in the stocks .
Clearwater Beach is one of many stunning spots all around the island.
But my favorite is 5 minutes walk from my boat where you can do snorkeling in the lagoon.
Below you can see the video that I took there.

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