Monday, May 23, 2016

Leaving for Boston

Tomorrow morning at this time, I will hopefully be on my way to Boston, Massachusetts. It is an 8 day sail, less than 700Nm from Bermuda and crosses the gulf stream, where I believe the difference in temperature is dramatic. I spent the day yesterday, refueling, mounting my repaired genoa sail and registering my float plan with the USA customs and border patrol. Today it is running safety lines otherwise known as"jack" lines and provisioning. You can follow my voyage online at on the internet through my Inreach satellite device. It is a vast, empty ocean out there where days go by without seeing any other ships and to be able to send texts to family and friends is very comforting.

I was thrilled to have a visit from Kate, a visiting artist, who painted my boat here on the dock and sold the original painting for a princely sum of $200. She did another one shown below and it is due to be auctioned off tonight for charity.

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