Sunday, May 1, 2016

Eric Forsyth - Yachtsman Extraordinaire

I had the privilege of meeting the most amazing sailor who also has a Westsail here in Bermuda, not far from me. Eric is a spry 84 year old who has circumnavigated twice, the last time, 10 years ago going eastabout instead of the normal Westward way, going around Cape Horn and all the way down to Antarctica. He has been cruising for an incredible 52 years, takes no medication and has sailed through the Northwest Passage. There are some people, who you can listen to forever because they have such interesting stories to tell, and Eric has the gift. His crew was telling me a story of how tough he is. Apperantly he cut his chin just before they left Porto Rico, and he used superglue to stop the bleeding instead of getting stitches. He has a house in Brookhaven, Long Island and a green E-Type Jaguar that is his other passion. Anyway if you are interested in reading more about Eric you can go to his website at on the internet.

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