Thursday, June 8, 2017

Should I stay or should I go now?

The problem is, if I go now I will be running into headwinds so having just got off the phone with my weather router to discuss timing of my departure, I am going to leave from Fort Pierce tomorrow at 1pm. The Swift incoming tide there will prevent me from leaving in the morning anyway. I'll have light SW winds until the Carolinas so motor sailing will unfortunately be the order for the first few days. I've camped out on the fuel dock here at sunset Bay marina in Stuart for way too long so it's time to be moving on. Fort Pierce is just a couple of hours north of here so I will anchor overnight.

In the meantime I want to look into using a splicing fid.
I've had this strange looking Gizmo on my boat ever since I bought it with a label that says splicing fid on it and I recently got given a soft shackle by a friend that used a fid to create it.

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