Sunday, September 17, 2017

Cleary Cove

This place has to be the most scenic place on Earth.
It only has a narrow entrance between two granite islands so it is protected on all sides which in turn means that the water is often like a mirror. Lush vegetation, predominantly towering conifers take root in rocky outcroppings and thick moss grows widely as a reminder that it can get very cold here during the winter. The water is good enough to drink so you can see the bottom down to the anchor.

It is supposed to rain this afternoon so rather than moving to another cove today, I am just going to stay here and continue my voyage tomorrow. I rowed my dinghy for several hours yesterday, trying to find a waterfall that is supposed to be near here. Part of the problem in trying to figure out where it is,  is that there are bears in these woods, and I am not too keen about meeting up with one, even if they are supposed to be docile and scared of humans. I have to fix my whale gusher bilge pump too because it has stopped working, so that will give me something to do while it is raining.

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