Saturday, September 23, 2017

Mackinac Island Day 2

This place is an ideal place to take a vacation and i would put it on par with Bar Harbor in Maine and Hilton Head SC. The main thing that grabs your attention when you get here is that there are no cars.
If you like fudge this is the place to go with just about 20 stores on main Street selling either it or ice cream.
The place is very historical with a fort overlooking the town.
If you also like biking, then this place has lots of places to ride including an 8 mile circuit at the water's edge. The marina manager kindly loaned me a bike for the 3 days while I am here.
Just east of town, there is a cool arch rock formed when 4,000 years ago the softer material dissolved when it was under water and left the limestone intact.
The Grand Hotel has the Michigan Republican convention going on this weekend.

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