Friday, September 22, 2017

Mackinac Island

What a beautiful day it was yesterday. I heard reports of 80 degree temperatures here in upper Michigan and this town looks so picturesque. Because this place is referred to the Upper Peninsula, the people like to refer to themselves as Uupers. Anyway I am getting ahead of myself. I left at 9am and sailed at about 2.5 knots until the wind died completely around 2pm. Usually I turn the engine on under 3 knots but I was hoping against hope that the wind would pick up. I didn't arrive until after the dock Master had gone home so I threw down my hook and rocked until the ferries stopped around 9pm. This morning I will go into the marina and take a look around the island. No cars are allowed on the island so I will have to rent a bike. The weather forecast for the next week has the wind coming from the SSW which is the direction I want to go so I may be holed up here for a while.

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