Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Turnbull Islands

Yesterday was the first time I have ever towed my dinghy while sailing along and I must say that it was a success and I didn't have any problems. I towed it on the starboard side and I wasn't going very fast and not far but I will be a lot less hesitant about doing it in the future.
Mindful of the fact that I will be crossing over from Canada to the United States of America in a couple of days, I have been rationing my food and have hardly anything left on board until I get to De Tour Village. They don't allow any fruits or vegetables across the border and of course that is just about all I live on. The other thing is that I don't want any food on board the boat when I haul it out for storage in a week or so.
Today I am heading to the Grant Islands about 20 miles west of here. Winds will be light and downwind so I plan on using my giant yellow Genoa poled out wing on wing.


  1. Good for you Peter. We can experience Huron vicariously through you.

    The areas you visited in the Caribbean are getting hammered again. So sad.

    Be very very certain not to get stuck in Lake Michigsn over the winter.

  2. This place has really been so enjoyable and it surpassed my expectations.

    With Hurricane Maria, it will mean that few Islands of the Caribbean will have been spared this season. I am dreading the photos that will come out of Dominica, Isle de Saintes and Guadeloupe.

    I am already committed to hauling out in Wisconsin for the winter and heading down to the southern hemisphere for their summer. Ideally I would like to sail down there but I will probably do what you guys do and just make it a camping trip.