Sunday, June 9, 2019

Leaving for Neiafu

It was very relaxing spending the day just south of Pangai in the Ha'apai group but with bad weather predicted on Tuesday through Friday of this week and little or no protection here we are heading to Vava'u which is a big group of islands in the northern part of Tonga. Because it is a good 80 miles to where we going, across a wide expanse where there are no islands, we will leave at midnight and arrive there around noon.

Here we will join the ARC, which is a rally that sails around the world. They leave Neiafu on the 18th of June heading to Fiji.

While beach combing today, I came across a pretty cowrie shell.
I was reminded of the tales I heard when I was young of the famous golden cowrie shell. This is quite a large cowrie shell compared to others and they are so rare that Fijian chiefs wear them around their necks as a status symbol.

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