Friday, June 7, 2019

Pangai via Nomuka

Couldn't post last night at Nomuka, but it was a beautiful spot after a fun filled day of fishing.

We hooked a huge blue Marlin that then decided to dance across the water for at least a minute trying to dislodge the hook. Fortunately he was successful because there was no way that we wanted to bring in a fish like that. Next we hooked nearly a six foot Bull Mahi mahi, and I struggled for at least a half-hour to bring it up to the boat. Steve then harpooned it and now we have enough fish to sink a ship. We made fish tacos last night and today we had a hankering for some shashumi so we stuck out a small lure and hooked a nice tuna for dinner.  The beach here is pretty and tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day.
We will stay here and soak up the sun.

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