Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Nukualofa again

I caught the ferry over to the main land for $15 Tops which is the Tongan currency. One US dollar is 2.25 Tops. They call them dollars though.
When catching public transportation here, you have to make sure whether or not the schedule is on island time or not. The skipper went to pains to clarify to us that the schedule was NOT on island time.
School children here all wear school uniforms.
And of course there are the obligatory wild chickens that all tropical island seem to have.
The royal palace doesn't house the king anymore but it is still an impressive building.
It used to be the home of  Tu'i Malila,a tortoise that Captain James Cook was traditionally said to have given to the royal family of Tonga. She was a female radiated tortoise from Madagascar and is the longest-lived tortoise whose age has been verified. The name means king Malila in the Tongan language. She died in 1965.

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