Friday, December 2, 2016

Sail to Anegada

It was an easy reach over in 10 knot trade winds from the SE and I anchored among 20 charter boats all on mooring balls and 3 other boats anchored well to the west of me. It took all of 3 hours to sail the 15 nautical miles over here in blue skies and puffy clouds. Because it is part of the BVI, I did not have to fly my quarantine flag or pass through customs and immigration.

I don't seem to be able to upload photos on this connection, so I will have to wait until I get to shore and find some WiFi. Before I do that though, I had noticed that the first link on my anchor chain is seriously rusted, so I want to pull that up and swap it out for the next link.

I want to do some snorkeling here on the other side of the island at a place called Loblolly where I am told that it is spectacular and the best in the BVI. Friends of mine on sailing vessel Windsurf said that the lobsters were very large there. I first have to work out how I am going to be able to get over there. There is supposed to be a bicycle rental place to cover the 9km distance to the bay but that means I may be snorkeling by myself which I do not like to do. Otherwise I might meet some other cruisers here. We will see how my day turns out. One thing about cruising is that I never know just what the day will bring.

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