Monday, December 5, 2016

Sailing from Anagada to Virgin Gourda

Here is Onapua, sailing off her mooring last Friday, heading for Anagada.
Well Sunday I sailed back to the Bitter End Yacht Club and I had a chance to play around with the sails on the boat to try and get the best upwind speed as possible. I am heading down island tomorrow after I check out of the BVI and it is all upwind. I did come to the conclusion that i need to set my genoa fairleads forward.
I set my traveler to windward.
And I put a control line on the clew of the staysail to shape the sail.
It is about 100 miles to Anguilla, St Martin and Saba from here, all up wind, and I am not sure, which one I will end up at. It all depends on the wind and timing. If I leave noon on Monday, I should make it there Tuesday but I don't want to go in to an unknown Anchorage at night, so I might just slow down and get there Tuesday morning.

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