Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Voyage to Anguilla

I started out from Virgin Gourda noon on Monday into easterlies of 10 to 20 knots. I didn't want to tack or make any sail changes during the night and it looked for a while, that I may have been able to sail straight to Saba. Unfortunately 20 miles short of it, the wind veered more to the south and it forced me to tack. When I got close to my destination here in Road Bay, I started the engine to get to the anchorage before nightfall and also so that I could check in with customs and immigration.

I did have one gear breakage during the trip and that was my starboard block on my genoa sheet track. I lashed it at first but that didn't last so I fixed it temporarily with a nut and bolt.

The voyage was a very wet one and going upwind is a lot more stressful than at any other point of sail so I was so glad to get a good night's sleep when I arrived.

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