Sunday, July 16, 2017

Favorite things

When I am on someone else's boat, there are some things that I really appreciate. Such was the case over the past week when I sailed from the Chesapeake to Penobscot Bay in Maine. Here are 4 things that stood out.
1. Binoculars.
I have a pretty good pair of ProMariner ones on my boat but the Bushnell marine ones felt very comfortable. And get this. They were just 5x70 ones
2. Hat
I usually use a beanie but this Grundens hat really kept my head warm and stopped my ear phones from falling out.
3. Preventer.
It isn't easy to see in the photo but there is a dyneema line running from the back of the boom to the front. The front of it attaches to a line coming from the bow around the stays/shrouds.
4. Reefing system.
Again not easy to see from the picture but reefing was a piece of cake from the cockpit. Just pull on a line and no going up to the mast to lock the sail on to the Kringle.

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