Sunday, July 30, 2017

Maid of the Meadows

So I am heading north towards Albany, NY yesterday and I turn a corner and there is a huge wide open space with what looks like a house stuck in the middle! I quickly check my charts and it turns out that there are mud flats all on the westside of this lighthouse they call Esopus Meadows. It was first constructed in 1839 but destroyed by ice, rebuilt 1871 and is the last wooden Lighthouse on the Hudson River.

Even though I carried the tide with me yesterday, there was a very uncomfortable headwind that was so bad, it had me hand steering for some of the way because my autopilot couldn't cope. My face has so much sun and wind damage at the moment and combined with the fact that the tide doesn't change until 4pm with still more headwinds, I think I will have a day of rest. My plan is to get up early tomorrow at 5am and catch the tide 20 miles north to the Hop-O-Nose marina where I will have my mast un-stepped. The bridges along the Erie canal only have a clearance of 19 feet so I will have to drop my mast this side and have it raised again before I get to Georgian Bay in Lake Huron.

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